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Alpha Class

The Alpha class at NDCA includes the K2, K3, and K4 programs.  Each individual program is uniquely crafted by the lead teacher using the Christian based, A Beka curriculum.  The curriculum features Numbers, Phonics, Language and Skills Development, Character building scenarios featuring the curriculums own Amber Lamb and Button Bear, and Arts and Crafts. 


Our students’ school days are broken up with scheduled quiet time and play time given at the conclusion of the school day. Most importantly, it features a Bible program with hand-picked bible verses that are modified for each age group and geared for their understanding. Throughout the day the students learn from lesson plans with special themes to make their learning experience fun and exciting.  Each program in the alpha class has its own workbooks and learning aids for their benefit. 


Look no further for a fulfilling curriculum for your preschool student.  Come by and see the Academy today!

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