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Omega Class

Our Kindergarten through Fifth grade students make up our Omega Class. These children are set apart as they are the ones we encourage our Alpha students to look up to for support in academics and/or behavior issues.


Bible time is the most important part of our day. The children look forward to hearing the stories and answer questions given. The Omega classes are also Taught Bible passages to memorize and recite i.e., The Ten Commandments and Psalm 23 to name a few. In Arithmetic our students can apply the counting, and fractions, and money, etc. to everyday life skills. Seatwork is written work that the students are to complete independently during the course of the day. This allows them to build the confidence toward completing a task on there own with no assistance. Phonics, Language, and Reading are the core of our  daily curriculum. These three combined help our children to expand their grammar and comprehension skills leading them to writing a story of their own. Cursive writing is taught daily and integrated with our Phonics as they practice correct writing  formation.

The children are encouraged to venture from what they have learned and build on the skills taught daily. You'd be surprised as to what a difference these young minds make in our NDCA Family.

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